Telenor balance save code

Mobile users always prefer to call, SMS, and net packages. Everyone wants to use these facilities at full charge and using the internet without a package is quite expensive. Now, we introduced you to the “Telenor balance save code,” read the full content, and connected with us. Hope so, these articles are very helpful for you.

Telenor balance save code description

Telenor save balance code

Telenor balance save code is a simple process to use while browsing the internet on your mobile phone. The widely held Telenor internet users want to find any way to save money. Telenor is no doubt one of Pakistan’s most renowned telecommunication companies.  It is a very simple method to save the balance code if you are using Telenor SIM on your Android phone, The code of Telenor saves the balance *7799#. You just dial this code to save your Telenor balance. It is a very easy method to save balance when you want to use the internet Telenor package on your mobile phone. no doubt is one of the most popular telecommunication companies in Pakistan.

How to use Telenor Balance Save Code Using Internet 

You can easily use Telenor balance saver when mobile internet data is On. you can change your setting to stop unwanted balance deductions on your mobile phone.  Now, you can just simply check which mobile app is using more internet data. You can remove the specific Android app from the background of your mobile phone. Open your Mobile Phone Setting

  • Now, You need to open the Connections or Network Setting tab
  • You would see a tab of “Data Usage” to know the internet usage detail,
  • You can check the details of monthly internet data usage
  • You can simply turn off the tab “Allow Background Data Usage” for saving your mobile balance anymore.

Best Telenor Save Balance Code offer

First of all, if you use another Telenor SIM balance save the code to Lock your mobile internet data for unnecessary usage. This method is very simple to adopt. The main objective of Telenor is to keep their customers Happy, by providing the best services. Telenor provides the best call, SMS, and internet packages always announces.

Frequently Asked Question

1 # What is the Telenor balance save code?

Subscription Type


Balance Inquiry Code

PAY G Rs. 0.24 *444# (Balance)
PAY GRs. 0.24 *111# (SMS)
PAY G Rs. 0.24*222#(MInutes)
PAY GRs. 0.24*999#(Internet)

2 # How can I transfer the balance from Telenor to another network?

*1*1*923051234567*Amount# and press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.

  • You can share between Rs. 
  • The balance will remain valid for the same time. 

3 # How can I check my active services in Telenor?

  • The remaining MBs can be checked through *999# 
  • The remaining Minutes can be checked through *222#
  • The remaining SMS can be checked through *111# 
  • The remaining Balance can be checked through *444#
  • The remaining Offer Resources can be checked through *123#
  • What is the code of balance save? 

Answer: To check your remaining Internet MBs on Telenor prepaid, dial code*999#

  • What is the Code For Telenor Balance Share?

Answer: It means that you are using data service without any internet package. Sometimes the main purpose of this service is to save the sim balance. It happens that when you turn on mobile data and forget to turn it off when you check later, your balance is deducted. 

  • What is save code *869 in Jazz Balance?

Answer: To share an amount type the following code on your mobile phone and press send. *1*1*92312345678900*Amount # and press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.

  • What is the code for Telenor MB Check?

Answer: Setting? Cellular, Scroll for data usage. Android: Setting? Data or Setting>

Connections> Data usage.

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