Ufone SIM Lagao Offer Code

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I  write here to share with you about Ufone Sim lagao offer code 2023. Customers who have not done any activity on their Telenor SIM since the 9th  Ufone brings you a new and prepaid bundle of Ufone sim lagao offer for all of their customers. Ufone is the Third largest Mobile operator which entered Pakistan. It gives so many incredible offers to its customers. 

Ufone Sim Lagao Offer Description

Ufone sim lagao Offer
Ufone sim lagao Offer

The Ufone sim lagao offer is an extraordinary suggestion for Ufone customers. This Best offer is available for only UFONE users and other network customers who are not appliable. Ufone customers don’t use their sim for at least 30 days then they will ab apply for this offer. Ufone customers can avail of this special offer by reactivating their UFONE SIM on mobile phones. This offer is free of cost but the main objective of this offer is to bring back the UFONE customers. Those using their Ufone sim for the last 30 days can’t subscribe to this offer. 


Items Quantity  Charges  Validity
Ufone/PTCL free minutes 3000 0.00 60 Days
Free SMS 3000  0.00 60 days
Free Internet  3GB  0.00  60 days

Ufone SIM Lagao Offer Code

after reactivating the UFONE SIM, dial *5000# and get free minutes, free SMS, and free MBs. Therefore this is a limited-time offer. 

Status Code Ufone Sim Lagao Offer 

Ufone sim lagao status can easily be checked by dialing the following specific code which is *707# by this code, you can check the status of Ufone minutes, SMS, & MBs. 

Terms & Condition

  • Ufone customers will get 100 Ufone/ PTCL minutes and 100 SMS daily for a period of 60 days. 
  • Bonus on Users will be available on Usage of RS. 10 or more
  • There will be no call setup charges from the 1st till day 7th of the subscription. 
  • Call setup will be applicable from the 8th to the 60th day of the Sim Lagao Offer subscription.
  • Tariff charges of Rs. 0.03 per call (inclusive of tax) will also be applicable with CSC from the 8th day of subscription making it a total of Rs. 0.17 per call (inclusive of tax).
  • There is no time restriction on SLO internet usage.
  • Ufone reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.
  • Tariff charges of Rs. 0.03 per call will also be applicable with Call setup charges from the 8th day of subscription making it a total of Rs. 0.17 per call

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate the Ufone SIM online?

Answer: for activation of the ufone sim you should follow some steps 

  • Visit any nearest Ufone Service Center or Ufone Self-Service (Open 24/7) to get your new eSim or convert your existing Ufone number. 
  • After BVS registration, an ESIM jacket will be provided to you having a digital QR code. 

How can I activate my old Ufone sim?


  • Insert your old prepaid Ufone SIM card. 
  • Boot the phone to the home screen.
  • Dial *5000# and wait for the USSD code to load. One of two things will happen
  • You can now start using a Ufone SIM card.

What are the packages of Ufone?


    • Sab Se Bari Plus Offer. Rs. 350 
    • Sab Se Bari offers Rs. 320 
    • Upower Internet Rs. 260 
    • Weekly Internet 
    • Super Internet Rs.160
    • YouTube Offer Rs.120
    • Internet Max Offer Rs. 120

How to convert Ufone 2g SIM into 4G?

Answer: Please visit your nearest Retailer, Customer Service Center, Franchise, Or Ushop for replacing old SIM with LTE/4 G-enabled SIM.

What is the code of SIM Lagao Offer?

To avail of the offer, just dial *551#. This SIM Lagao offers will not be available on Chand Raat and Eid Holidays.

Can I activate SIM myself? 

First, you have sure about it that have your internet Connection. Know your login details & have the numbers of your sim ready. An option should appear to activate the sim card. Enter the number now, and you should be prompted to active the card.

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