Telenor SMS Package

On this page, you will get Telenor SMS Package 2022 for their customer. Hope so this content is best suited for your need.

You can get Telenor Msg Package Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, 3 days, and 15 Days. telenor users who are currently enjoying the Talkshawk bundle or the Djuice offer can also enjoy the cheapest Message rates in Pakistan. Telenor network is offering various to postpaid and prepaid users according to their needs. So you can obtain all these details of Telenor message package 2022 for all networks from the page below this passage.

Telenor SMS Package

Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 3 Days, and 15 Days

Telenor is one of the best communication companies in Pakistan, which offers many facilities to its customers. SMS is a popular trend nowadays, offering its customers many facilities. It provides its customers after preparation. It introduces numerous packages keeping in view the need of its customer. The details of these bundles are given below.  The tables below give daily, 3-day, 15-day, monthly, and other packages. Choose the package that suits you best.

Daily, 24 Hours, 1-Day SMS Bundle of Telenor

 One day Messagining Offer with two hours these offers you find out in Telenor. In the table below you can apply for any SMS package as per your requirement. When you need to talk to someone urgently Telenor’s daily SMS package is very important. 

Choose the best SMS Bundle from a daily, SMS package that is perfect for you.

Package Name:Data(MBs)Price(Rs.)Activation Code
Telenor 1-Day Bundle300 SMS2.50 incl. tax*2*2*1#
Telenor Sat se Sat OfferUnlimited On-Net 7 AM To 7 PM + 20 MB + Unlimited SMS8.50 incl. tax*5*727#

Telenor 3-Days SMS Bundle 

Telenor 3-Days SMS Offer
Package Name:Data (MBs)Price(Rs.)Activation Code
All in one offer TelenorBalance Rs. 75 for calls and SMS + 500 MB54.89 incl. tax*345*45#
3-Days On-net Bundle250 on-net min+ 500 SMS + 15 MB36.00 incl. tax*730#

Telenor Weekly Bundle SMS

Telenor Weekly SMS Offer 
Package Name:Data (MBs)Price(Rs.)Activation Code
Telenor Weekly Offer 12000 SMS15.50 incl. tax*345*112#
Telenor Weekly Messaging Bundle 12,000 SMS, 100 WhatsApp11.94 incl. tax*2*2*2#

Telenor 15-Days Message Offer

Telenor 15 Days Msg Package 
Package Name:Data (MBs)Price(Rs.)Activation Code
Telenor 15-Days Economy SMS Bundle  800 SMS17.00 incl. tax*345*112#
Telenor Weekly Messaging Bundle 3,500 SMS, 200 MB Internet 41.83  incl. tax*2*2*5#

Telenor Monthly Messaging offer

Telenor Monthly SMS Bundle 
Package Name:Data (MBs)Price(Rs.)Activation Code
Telenor Monthly SMS Offer10,000 SMS+ 300 MB47.80  incl. tax*2*2*3#
Telenor Messaging Package6000 SMS47.80 incl. tax*345*363#

Terms & Conditions:

  • To check the details of the bundle after installing the Telenor SMS Bundle just dial *111#
  • You can send free Messaging on any network.
  • The time offered in this bundle is limited. 
  • Telenor may change the details and charges of its bundles at any time. 
  • Description of all the above packages includes taxes. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: No 1: How can I get free SMS in Telenor for 15 Days?


1. Validity 15 days.

2. SMS 800.

3. Dial 555 or *345*112#.

Q: No 2: How can I get free SMS on Telenor?

Answer: You will dial *1122# for a free subscription.

Q: No 3: What is an SMS pack?

Answer: An SMS package is a set of SMS for a specific destination provided at a flat rate. 

Q: No 4: How can I get free SMS?


Textfree by pinger.

Open TestingOnline.


Send SMS Now.





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