PTCL Complaint Online

PTCL Complain Online Method

there are several ways you can register your complaint to PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunications Company). The PTCL has facilitated their customer by providing all sorts of methods to complain.

Process of PTCL Complaint

PTCL Online Complaint
PTCL Online Complaint
  1. PTCL Complain through Internet

Internet problems through internet website and you can complain your landline. PTCL Online Complaint is user-friendly. This is one of the easiest ways to complain

2. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Online Telephone Complaint

Through Broadband telephone also provide you can complain your PTCL landline. The Telephone Complaint No. 1218. All you have to do is to dial this number. Follow the instructions. Users complained through the telephone.

You will be sent a complaint number through SMS. You can also check the status of your complaint by dialing 1218 again after some time. 1218 PTCL complaint number sometimes may remain busy for a long time. 

3. Complaint Through SMS

This is another way to complain about PTCL by SMS. This is an immediate way to send your complaint to the center. 0512181218 is the number where you send your complaint. 

4. PTCl Complain Email Address 

For complaints the email address is have any questions or complaints, you can send your complaint to this ptcl complaint email address. Usually, reply to you within 48 hours from this PTCL complaint email id.

5 PTCL Complaint Mail

People used to send their complaints through the mail in the old days. The traditional method was quite successful in those days. Now PTCL complaint system has made things easy and convenient. If you still want to send a complaint through the mail. You may send your mail to the following address.

  • PTCl Complaint Head Office
  • Ptcl Karachi Office
  • PTCL Lahore Office
  • PTCL Islamabad Office
  • Physical complaint on nearest PTCL One Stop Shop
  • Physical complaint on Nearest ptcl exchange

How To Check Your Complaint Status?

To register your complaint by using the PTCL Official Website and not just register your complaints customer can also check your status as well. You just need to follow the guidelines to view the status of your registered complaint. 

  • Go to PTCL Complaint Status Page
  • You will see a form as shown below
  • In the product fields, you can select the service for which you have previously registered the complaint. 
  • Then provide your phone details with the city code.
  • In the last field enter your complaint number which you should have received when you made a complaint.

PTCL Complaint Status



Above we have provided you with several ways to register PTCL Complaints. These ways are via SMS, Call, Email, Live Chat, or submitting a form online along with required information. If you still have any difficulty registering a complaint or any queries, then feel free. 

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