Jazz Balance Check

To Check your prepaid account balance. Dial the code *111# (Charges Rs.0.24).

Dial code: *444*6*2# or send 4 on your WhatsApp Self-Service number(03003008000)

Pakistan’s No 1 telecom Operator is Jazz. The best digital and cellular services are provided by Jazz Users. Maximum availability is provided and its system operation is digitalized.

 Check Jazz Balance

Jazz Balance Check

You can check Jazz Balance in multiple ways. A balance check becomes a very easy way for you. Check Jaz’s balance in these simple and quick ways for all the details about your credit.

  • Check the balance by jazz code.
  • By customer Service.
  • By Jazz World App.


You can check your prepaid account balance right away in balance by checking the code.

The codes are USSD (Unstructured supplementary service data) codes that must be dialed from your phone. The request upon dialing the USSD code for a balance check by the company automatically redirects.

  • You can dial *111# for a Jaz balance check. it charges Rs.0.24 plus tax.

The code can be dialed by any Jazz prepaid user irrespective of the package they are using.

  • The users can also dial *444*6*2#
  • The users can also dial the 111 helplines to hear about their remaining balance Dial 111, and the computer-generated voice will inform you about your balance details cost is Rs.0.72

WhatsApp Customer Self-Services

WhatsApp self-services you can check by Jazz balance of their as well as. Customers can use this self-service method to check their prepaid account balance and all the package information.

Save the WhatsApp self-service number on your mobile phone. Their WhatsApp number is 03003008000. Open WhatsApp and send “Hi”, after that, send the letter ‘4’ to this self-service number. You will show your balance.

Jazz World App

Jazz World smartphone users are launched by Jazz. You can download the Jazz app on your smartphone and check your jazz balance and other options.

Follow the steps given below to check your balance through the app.

  • Download Application Form Appstore.
  • Open the App on your mobile phone and enter your Jazz Sim number in the space provided.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: No 1. How can I check my Jazz Balance?

Answer: To check your prepaid account balance, you can do any of the following Dial the code *111# (Charges Rs.0.24) or dial the following code *444*6*2# or send “4” on our WhatsAap self-service number like as [03001234567]

Q: No 2. What is the code for balance in jazz?

Answer:  The code of Jazz for the balance check is *111#. 

For Prepaid
Product/ServicesDial Code IVR
Check Your Prepaid Balance *111# *111#
Active Services Details 
Zero Balance Call View Details *600# 
My Offers info View Details *444# 111

Q: No 3. How I can check my Jazz monthly package status?

Answer: You can subscribe to My Status service by sending ‘Sub’ to 6085 or dialing *969#

Q: No 4. How can I get a free 100 balance in jazz?

Answer: You need to dial *600# and you can subscribe to the zero balance call service, once subscribed you can dial *600# again to generate missed calls and SMS

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