Jazz SMS Package

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Jazz SMS Package (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly)

The largest telecom company in Pakistan is Jazz Users and its 55 million users. Jazz provides the best and most amazing internet, call, and SMS Packages to the customer at affordable rates. Claim to this offer rates of the charges is very cheapest like other telecom companies but it provides the best and quick services.

Jazz SMS Package

Daily Jazz Sms package


You have to keep in contact with your friends and family around the world. On the chances that you would like to message your loved ones, don’t think a lot and profit from the best Jazz everyday SMS groups.

Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle Detailed
PriceRs. 7.2 include Tax
WhatsApp MB10 MB
Subscribe Code*334#
Status String*334*3#
Balance Check Code*111#
Advance loan Code*112#
Check Sim Number Code*99# / *11#
Validity for only 1 Day

Jazz Day Bundle 


The Jazz Day Bundle Offer allows you to enjoy 20 MB of internet, 300 Jazz minutes, and  300 SMS, and for just Rs. 17(inclusive of tax). 

Price:Rs. 17 (Including Taxes).
Internet Data:20 MB of Free internet data
SMS:300 Free SMS to all networks 
Subscription Code: *340#
Status String: *340*2#
Balance Check Code: *303#
Infor String: *340*3#
Validity: Same Day Midnight

Jazz New SIM Offer 


Re-activate Jazz sim is an incredible blessing in itself. Jaz Sim Delivers a perfect package to its customers as a separate bundle. 

Jazz SIM Bundle 
Recharge requiredRs. 23
PriceRs. 20+ Tax
WhatsAPP MB25 MB
Subscribe Code*101*1*07#
Status String*101*2*07#
Information String*101*3*07#
Unsubscribe Code*101*4*07#
Validity For Just 7 Days

Jazz 4G SIM Offer


Jazz 4G SIM for a whole week and get 500 Jazz minutes, 500 SMS, and 5GB of internet data. 

Price:Rs. 0 (Including Taxes).
Internet Data:5 GB of Free Internet data (7 PM to 12 AM) 
SMS:500 Free SMS to all networks 
Subscription Code: *443*7#
Status String: *117*89*2#
Infor String: *443*30#
Validity: 7 days

Jazz Monthly SMS Bundle

The best bundle ever to its clients is Jazz which keeps up and offers. It has become one of the first-class systems in Pakistan. Jazz carries outstanding packages provided to its clients. In Jazz month-to-month SMS bundles, the clients would now be able to appreciate various packs.

Monthly WhatsApp bundle
PriceRs. 110+ Tax
WhatsAPP MB5000 MB
Subscribe Code*101*1*02#
Status String*101*2*02#
Information String*101*3*07#
Unsubscribe Code*101*4*07#
Validity For Just 30 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: No 1: How can I get the Jazz SMS Package?


  1. Subscription Fee Rs. 26 (incl.Tax) 
  2. Subscription Code *101*1*07#
  3. Validity 7 Days.
  4. Status code *101*3*07#
  5. Info code *101*3*07# 
  6. Unsubscribe *101*4*07# 

Q: No 2:  What is the code of the Jazz monthly SMS package?


  1. The SMS bundle is not limited to SMS only you can enjoy the “Jazz” Unlimited Monthly SMS bundle by availing of 5000 SMS MBs, for just Rs.60 with a validity of 30 days. 
  2. To subscribe this amazing offer, dial *101*1*02# and to check the status string dial *101*2*02# 

Q: No 1: What is Jazz’s weekly SMS package?

Answer: It offers 1000 SMS, 1000 on-net minutes, 60 off-net minutes, and 2GB of internet for seven days. The price for the package is PKR 170. To get an offer dial *700# and enjoy the fun through Jazz 4G

Q: No 1: What is Jazz’s smart SMS?

Answer: Jazz Smart SMS ensures delivery of your SMS to receiving party even if the number is powered off or not on network for an extended period of time. 

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