Zong Internet Packages Daily

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Supper Student Bundle
Price:Rs.5 + Tax
Validity:2 Hours
Internet:30 MBs
Zong Minutes:120 minutes
How to Subscribe:Dial


Zong Internet Packages Daily

Zong Daily Packages
Zong Daily Packages

There are several types of Zong internet bundles explained below in detail.

Daily Basic Offer
Price:Rs. 17 Incl.Tax
Validity:1 Day
Internet:100 Mbs
How to Subscribe

Free Facebook Offer

Price: Rs. 0 Incl.Tax
Validity:1 Day
Internet:Unlimited MB for Facebook
How to Subscribe:No
Subscription required


Social Package
Price:Rs.10 Incl. Tax
Validity:1 Day
Internet:100 MBs for Facebook, Whatsaap, Twitter
How to Subscribe:Dial *6464#
To Check Status:Dial *102#


Mehran Offer
Price:Rs.25 Incl. Tax
Validity:1 Day (Till Midnight)
Internet:25 MBs
On-Net Minutes:Unlimited
Code:Dial *2345#


SMS &  Whatsaap Bundle
Price:Rs. 5 Incl. Tax
Validity:1 Day ( Midnight)
Internet:1 MB + 30 MBs for Whatsaap
Free SMS:1 Day
How to subscribe:Dial *700#, and reply with 1 SMS<sub>to 700
How to check the status:Dial *102#(charges 10 paise + Tax per inquiry)
How to unsubscribe:send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700


Data Max Offer
Price:Rs.38 Incl. Tax
Validity:1 Day
Internet:500 MB Data & 500 MB YouTube
How to subscribe:Dial *5# to subscribe


Perfect Bundle
Price:Rs.12 Incl. Tax
Validity:1 Day(10 PM to 7 PM)
Internet:40 MBs Data
On-Net Minutes:10000
Code:Dial *118*2#


Daytime Offer
Price:Rs.16 Incl. Tax
Validity:1 Day
Internet:1200 MBs


Full Group Offer
Price:Rs.5 Incl. Tax
Validity:1 Day
Internet:30 MBs
On-Net Minutes:75
Free SMS:100
Check Code:


Zong Perfect Bundle
Price:Rs.5 Incl. Tax
Validity:1 Day
Internet:30 MBs
On-Net Minutes:75
Free SMS:100
Check Code:Dial *118*1#
Unsubscribe Code:Send SMS to ‘Unsub’ and send it to 1181


Whatsaap Package
Price:Rs.15 Incl. Tax
Validity:1 Day
Internet:150 MBs(only Whatsaap)
Check Code:Dial *4# to activate



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