Zong Internet Packages Weekly 30GB

We are here with Zong Internet Packages Weekly 30GB Check code.

Zong Haftawar premium provides 30GB Weekly on Zong prepaid Sim. It is now to get 30 GB of the Internet for Zong Users.

There are two types of weekly 30GB Internet packages that are as follows

  • Premium Weekly Zong Package
  • Supper Weekly MAX Zong Package

Basically, there are two internet packages of Zong 4G that provides 30 GB of internet. This package is valid for 7 days. Hence the user gets confused while choosing the right package.

Zong Internet Packages Weekly 30GB

There are minor difference differences between Super Weekly Premium and Super Weekly Max. Both of these bundles weekly max comes with only internet. Weekly premium provide internet, SMS, same network minutes, and other network minutes. 

Zong 30GB Weekly Packages

there are two packages “Weekly Premium & Weekly Max” providing internet on Zong SIM for 7 days. These bundles have different prices and one among these bundles has more incentives.

Those users who want to use only the internet for 7 days then activate “Super Weekly Maxx” because this bundle is only designed with internet MBs. On the other hand for all types of incentives (SMS, MBs, and Minutes) please subscribe to “Supper Weekly Premium” respectively. Both of these packages with codes, incentives, and details are described are in separate tables for you.


The first bundle in this list of Zong 30GB weekly is “Super Weekly Max”. This package provides 30GB of total internet in which (16GB are plain MBs and 14GB are YouTube MBs). The validity of this package is 7 days for validity. here the network has added a special timing of 4 AM to 4 AM for 5GB of internet. To activate this bundle you have to daily *220# and get subscribed at Rs300.

Offer Details: 

Bundle Name:Weekly Max
Plain GB:16
YouTube GB14
Validity: 7 days
Price: Rs.300
Check MBs:*102#

Note: 5GB data among total MBs will work from 4 AM to 4 PM


2nd bundle having the same 30GB internet volume with 7 days validity is the “Supper Weekly Premium bundle is an upgrade of max offer and in this premium version, the network has added minutes & SMS. But the price of this bundle is still affordable. Dial *225# and receive 30 GB of plain internet, unlimited zong Minutes, Unlimited SMS, and 100 Off-Network Minutes in Rs. 340.

Offer Details: 

Bundle Name:Weekly Premium
Off-Net Minutes:100
Validity:7 Days
Check MBs:*102#
On-Net MInutes:Unlimited


Note: FUP of 5000 Zong Minutes and 5000 SMS will apply

Zong Internet Packages Weekly 30GB

Auto Expire:

You will be glad to know that at the time of expire these packages will be expire automatically and will be not re-subscribe again. Hence these internet offers are safe to activate because there will be no need to unsubscribe these offers after 7 days. 


Question: Will the Super weekly Premium be automatically renewed?

Answer. No this offer is not auto recursive.

Question. is there any download limit on Super Weekly Max

Answer. Customers can download as much as they want within the 30GB Volume 

Question. Are there any Add-Ons available for this offer?

Answer. Yes, customer can subscribe to Add on that is available for all mobile internet bundles.

Question.What are the charges after 30GB mobile internet volume is consumed?

Answer. Rs 1 + Tax per MB out-of bundle rate is applicable until expires after which customers will be moved to their respective base tariff.

Q. Can the bundle be re-subscribed after 30GB mobile internet volume is consumed?

Answer. The Users will first have to unsubscribe the offer by sending “UNSUB nswp” to 6464. after that customers can resubscribe the offer by dialing *225#

Question. Will the customers be charged again if they subscribe to the bundle twice?

Answer.  Yes

Terms & Conditions

  • Postpaid customers can not avail this offer.
  • this package is Non-auto recursive.

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